Patient Power Summer 2014 Survey

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This Patient Power summer survey is focused on understanding PATIENTS’ AND CAREGIVERS' experience with health information about cancer from the Web (e.g., social media, blogs, patient forums, health-related websites). It was prepared by our new research partner, Aptel Research in Cambridge, Mass to help us all help you. Of course we value your time and you can be assured the few minutes it takes for you to provide your answers will GREATLY help us to better serve you and other families affected by cancer.

Please be assured that your responses are completely private and anonymous. No one will try to sell you anything, and we will not be able to connect your name to any responses you provide.

As always, thanks for participating and we wish you and your family the best of health!

Andrew Schorr and The Patient Power Team

*Please note that the survey can only be completed on a desktop or laptop computer (no tablets or smartphones such as an iPad or iPhone).
1. Which best describes you?
2. What is your home country?