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Money in Politics Education Committee Application

Task Force Applicant Requirements

A Money in Politics Program was recommended by the national Board and adopted by delegates at the 2014 LWVUS Convention in June. The LWVUS Board will appoint an Education Committee to focus on this issue with a goal to finish the work over the next two years.

The Committee’s task will be to review and update the League position on campaign finance in light of forty years of change since the Watergate reforms. The goal will be to enhance member understanding of the new schemes and structures used to influence elections and erode protections against corruption in our political process as well as review possible responses to counter them in the current environment of rapid change.

If you are interested in participating in this Money in Politics Education Committee, please complete the application form and submit electronically by September 11.

Applicants must:
  1. Submit a writing sample (not to exceed 10 pages)
  2. Submit a resume or CV
  3. Submit 2 references
Persons appointed to a LWVUS Education Committee must:
  1. Be members of the League;
  2. Have League experience;
  3. Be involved in their local or state League
  4. Represent the diversity of the League, as much as possible
  5. Provide two references and participate in a phone interview
  6. Have general understanding of money in politics issues or understanding of the League program process
  7. Have research, writing and editing experience
  8. Have a proven ability to work within a team.
Once appointed the following procedures apply:
  1. The Committee shall meet generally by phone and email
  2. The LWVUS chair of the Committee or her/his designee shall provide an agenda for each Committee meeting
  3. A record shall be kept of meetings of the Committee by the chair or her/his designee
  4. A timeline for the review shall be developed and reported to the Board and to the membership, as appropriate
  5. Written materials prepared by the Committee shall be reviewed for substance and accuracy by the Committee members, with final editing and formatting by national staff.
  6. All communication regarding the Committee progress and process will be announced by the LWVUS Board.
Individual members of the Committee shall be responsible for:
  1. Participating in all meetings (by phone and email) of the Committee unless excused
  2. Agreeing to the goals and timeline of the Committee
  3. Executing the Committee agreement as to control of any written material prepared by the Committee
  4. Meeting Committee deadlines for research and delivery of written material
  5. Ensuring the substantive accuracy of the text and all citations of written materials.