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Student-Level Data Request Form


This is a formal request to obtain student-level data from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Potential users must submit proposals before receiving data to conduct their research. Within this form, requestors must:
  • Designate an individual who is directly responsible for managing the data being requested;
  • Provide details on the purpose, scope, and duration of the proposed study;
  • Specify the data elements and school years being requested and describe how the requested data is necessary to accomplish the research;
  • Identify a method and date for the destruction of data; and
  • Establish policies and procedures to protect personally identifiable student information from further disclosure and unauthorized use.
Following the submission of the Data Request Form, OSPI’s Data Sharing Review Panel will consider and review all requests to conduct research using Washington’s student or school system data. This process takes approximately two months to complete depending on the complexity of the request. If approved by OSPI’s Data Sharing Review Panel, the requestors must sign the Data Sharing Agreement.

Please review both the Data Sharing Agreement and Data-Sharing Process and Policies for Student-Level Data prior to the submission of your request form as they contain details about the process, the approval criteria, and the requirements of the agreement.