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Elevator Questionnaire 2014

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Community groups and residents are working to make sure we have working elevators in Single Room Occupancy hotels. Help us by sharing some basic information on this confidential questionnaire.

SRO residents as well as advocates, service providers & visitors are welcome to fill this out!

1. My elevator is out of service...
3. When your elevator goes out, how long is it out of service?
4. My elevator gets shut down for repair without notice.
5. My elevator doesn't stop level with the floor.
6. The buttons are hard for me to reach.
7. The elevator door is hard for me to open.
8. I have been trapped in the elevator.
9. Someone I know has been trapped in the elevator.
10. I am not allowed to use my elevator even if it is working.
11. I can easily use the stairs in my building.
Please let us know where the problems are occurring:
Would you like to tell your story and help improve elevators in housing?(If yes, PLEASE be sure to include your contact information below.)
Contact information (This is optional but very useful for following up to get something done!)
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