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Fairmined Gold - Demand Assessment

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Dear Jeweler,
We invite you to tell us what you'd like regarding current and future Fairmined gold and silver offerings in the US. Thank you for participating. Your responses will be used for the sole purpose of understanding your needs in order to advise suppliers on product details and what to stock.
Thank you and Sincerely,
Christina Miller, E.D. Ethical Metalsmiths

Hoover & Strong has partnered with Ethical Metalsmiths to provide Fairmined certified gold to the US jewelry market.

By buying Fairmined gold you can directly contribute to helping artisanal miners achieve their community development goals.

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible artisanal mining communities that meet world leading standards for best practices, ensuring social development and environmental protection, providing US jewelers with a source of gold they can be proud of.

In exchange for mining responsibly miners receive a fair price and a premium. This premium goes directly to the mining communities for transparent investment in their developmental goals, such as education; food subsidies, medical and dental services; jewelry workshops for local women; and technology for increased efficiencies.

Hoover & Strong is offering a range of products in 14K,18K and 24K yellow Fairmined gold. Additional Fairmined products may be offered based on customer needs. All Fairmined gold products will fall under Hoover & Strong’s HARMONY FAIRMINED GOLD label.


Jewelers interested in using the Fairmined label should contact the Alliance for Responsible Mining about becoming a Fairmined Licensee.

Ethical Metalsmiths members receive special Harmony Fairmined offers and benefit from collaborative awareness raising activities.www.ethicalmetalsmiths,org
1. When it comes to the certified source of your Fairmined metals, which is more important to you:Please only select the answer that most reflects your values.
2. How much gold do you buy monthly?
3. Of your monthly gold purchases, what amount would you like to purchase from Fairmined sources?
4. What kind of gold product(s) are you most interested in using from Fairmined sources?
5. Which gold alloys are you most interested in using from Fairmined sources?
6. What kind of gold product(s) are you most interested in using from Fairmined sources?
7. What kind of silver product(s) are you most interested in using from Fairmined? (NOTE: At launch, Fairmined silver will only be available as casting grain, your preferences and the availability of supply will determine new product offerings.
9. If your Fairmined gold supplier offered additional production services, which are of greatest interest. Select the service of greatest interest.
10. When Fairmined gold is being stocked for on-demand orders, how often would you purchase?
11. If Fairmined marketing materials are available to both inform jewelers and to inform customers purchasing finished jewelry. How much are you willing to spend on printed marketing materials annually if available through EM or another organization?