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Crimson’s CME e-Tutorial

Welcome to Crimson's CME e-Tutorial

This e-Tutorial includes a series of activities that are designed to orient you to the Crimson Continuum of Care application, help you navigate the metrics in your Physician Profile, and engage you in a productive self-review of your performance data. Each activity is accompanied by one or more assessment questions designed to test your skills on the topics reviewed.

Important note:
Please ensure you are logged in to your Crimson application in a separate browser window while you complete the tutorial. If you have questions or issues logging in to your Crimson application, please email, call the Crimson Support Center at 1-855-372-8896, or email your Crimson Dedicated Advisor.

None of the questions included within this tutorial are intended to elicit any protected health information ("PHI") from you. Please do not provide any PHI when completing this tutorial.

Time Required:
The tutorial takes one and a half hours to complete, and we recommend you complete it in one sitting. If you decide to close the tutorial browser window and come back to finish it at a later time, your exercise will be bookmarked where you left off as long as you use the same computer (IP address) and browser.

Redeeming CME:
Once you complete the e-Tutorial, you will be asked to fill out a brief evaluation to receive your CME certificate.

Course Outline:

  • Activity 1: Physician Profiles
  • Activity 2: Metric Tiles and Methodology
  • Activity 3: Overview Tab
  • Activity 4: Focus Feature
  • Activity 5: Quality Tab
  • Activity 6: Utilization Tab
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