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TINKER Bristol Manufacturer and Small Biz Survey

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ANNOUNCING an Innovative Manufacturing Incubator and Makerspace in Bristol, RI.

A group of business and community leaders in the East Bay are planning to create a unique Manufacturing Incubator and Makerspace called Tinker|Bristol. Located on the campus of the historic manufacturing district on Wood Street in Bristol, RI., Tinker|Bristol will provide shared space, manufacturing and rapid prototyping equipment, tools, expertise and business development services to make things and grow businesses collaboratively. Any individual, business or organization can participate.

Tinker|Bristol will provide affordable access to a wide variety of equipment otherwise unavailable to a single individual or small business, including everything from traditional metal, wood-working, and electronics tools to 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines. Also available will be sewing, chemical-work, composites, and CAD stations. Dry, wet, and hooded work areas will be included.

East Bay has a rich manufacturing heritage and is a center for excellence in marine trades and advanced composites. Tinker|Bristol wants to build on this made-with-skilled hands tradition and support a new generation of manufacturers. We are reaching out to the community of makers and thinkers and tinkers, those who will start and grow businesses, those who will improve products and advance technology, and those who will learn and pass along skills.

The Tinker|Bristol team plans to create an innovative and collaborative environment that serves East Bay’s manufacturing community, which is why your feedback and participation is critical. How would you take advantage of a manufacturing incubator and makerspace? We want to hear from you.

Please take a moment to answer these questions:
1. Is your compay a... ?
2. Does your company manufacture...?
Space Cell PartsFinished GoodsNeitherBoth
You Make
3. What is your company size?
Space Cell >1010-2020-5050-100100+
# Employees
4. Does your company need or desire more R&D space or access to Rapid Prototyping Tools?
Space Cell YesNoPossibly
5. Would you be interested in getting this space/access via becoming part of the Makerspace community?
Space Cell YesNoPossibly
6. How important is the ability to collaborate and share information and methods with others (networking and leveraging assets outside your company or industry)?
Space Cell VerySomewhatNot
7. How important is protecting or keeping private your company's I.P.?
Space Cell VerySomewhatNot
8. If you were to participate in the Makerspace, would you require secure / private space to be able to work in?
Space Cell YesNoPossibly
9. Would your company like to receive mentoring or tap institutional knowledge from retirees or specialists in industry?
Space Cell YesNoPossibly
10. Would you, or some of your employees, be interested in being one of these mentors for new or growing companies?
Space Cell YesNoPossibly
11. Can you see your company using a Makerspace to create new or improve existing products?
Space Cell YesNoPossibly
12. How important could Makerspaces be to manufacturing growth and innovation in RI and the United States?
Space Cell VerySomewhatNot
13. Pricing aside, how many ‘seats’ (usable by any company employee at a given time - any day of the week) at a Makerspace would your company be interested in?
Space Cell 123571011+
14. Do you have any manufacturing equipment, tools, or supplies you would be interested in donating to a Makerspace? (This includes equipment that may be older, need slight repair or modification, excess, etc)
Space Cell Yes, a Lot!Yes, a few.No, but we can help you find this!No, this is not an area we can help in.
15. This is a completely OPTIONAL (and last!!) question. IF you are interested in participating in the final development of TINKER | Bristol or would simply like to be kept in the loop on our progress, please fill in the info below. We will ONLY use this information for our private contact list and will never Sell or Distribute this information outside of TINKER | Bristol!
Would you like to be sent an email announcement for major events only? (Like our Grand Opening, etc) Otherwise we would like to send you an *occasional* announcement or status update - we promise not to spam you with constant emails!!
Space Cell YesNo
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