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TINKER Bristol Makerspace General Membership Full Survey

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The Tinker|Bristol team plans to create an innovative and collaborative environment that serves the entire East Bay community, which is why your feedback and participation is critical. Whether you are an entrepreneur or hobbyist, an established business or a start-up, a retiree or a teenager, this will be your home for making things. A place to meet and swap ideas. A place to tackle and solve problems. A place to create new products, launch new businesses, teach new skills and create new jobs.

Tinker|Bristol is for you. If you had affordable access to shared space, equipment, and expertise, what would you make? Join the Industrial Re-Revolution!!

We want to hear from you.
1. We need some Demographic information to help us not only plan TINKER's evolution, but to see who are the people that are going to make up this new community. Please fill in as much as you feel comfortable with!
Space Cell Under 2020-3030-5050-6565+
Age Range
2. Are you...?
Space Cell MaleFemale
3. What is your level of schooling?
Space Cell High SchoolCollegeTrade CertificationProfessional / Advanced Degree
4. Are you interested in a Family Membership?
Space Cell YesNoPossiblyDepends on Cost
Bringing the Family
5. Would you bring your kids along?
Space Cell YesNoPossiblyDepends on Safety
Kids coming
6. If you joined our Makerspace, you would be joining it for? (you can choose more than one option!)
Space Cell HobbyProfessional DevelopmentEducationCareer ChangeStarting a Company
Joining for
7. What is the best way YOU like to get updates and information? (you can choose more than one option!)
Space Cell Pushed to Phone / TextEmail noticesFace Book pageTwitterRead Blog / TINKER site
How to Contact
8. How far would you travel to get to your *dream* facility?
Space Cell Walk / BikeDrive 10-20 minutes20 - 30 minutes30 - 40 minutesDrive across the State
How far would you go
9. How would you get here?
Space Cell WalkBikeBus (RIPTA)University Shuttle / BusDrive
Transit Method
10. Where do you live?
Space Cell BristolWarrenTiverton / Fall RiverAquidneck IslandProvidence Metro AreaOther RIOther MA
Coming from
11. How would you describe yourself?
12. Now for some Time / Access questions - WHEN will we have TINKER open and How will you get in. When would YOU like to use the facility?
Space Cell DailySome Days in the WeekWeeklyMonthly
13. Would you prefer to purchase Books of Day Passes?
Space Cell YesNoIf I get a multi-pass discount
14. Would you prefer to just to pay for a monthly (or annual) membership?
Space Cell YesNoIf I got an annual membership discount
15. How many days a week do you think you might be here?
Space Cell Only a few times a month12356+
How often
16. Would you ONLY use it...?
Space Cell During Daytime hrsDuring Evening / Night hrsWeekends only...or ANY time!
17. Would you pay extra for 24/7 access?
Space Cell YesNoDepends on PriceDepends on Security
18. Would you feel comfortable with only video security and electronic access control during off hours? (Or would you prefer a staff member there at all times users are present?)
Space Cell YesNoStaff should be present when Members are there
19. Now for the MONEY questions - how do we keep TINKER Sustainable and Viable. You would prefer to pay your membership...
Space Cell AnnualMonthlyDay Passes
Fee timeframe
20. Would you purchase an Annual Membership?
Space Cell YesNoOnly if I got a pre-pay discount
Annual Fee
21. Would you pay $60/mo. for regular hours access OR $100/mo. for 24/7 Super User access?
Space Cell Yes, and wow what a great deal!Yes, this is a fair valueThis is too high, I am not getting enough for my $I would have a hard time affording thisNo, this is way too expensive for me
Fee level
22. Would you volunteer time to be the Safety Monitor or Teach Classes or perform other Duties in exchange for a *reduced* monthly fee?
Space Cell Yes, this would help me outNo, I just want to show up and do my thingI might do this from time to time
Volunteer Discount
23. Even if you didn't get something specific out of it, would you still volunteer to help out with easy things like manning the information desk or handling general questions?
Space Cell YesNoI might do this from time to time
24. Would you be interested in Teaching Safety Instruction or Running a Seminar or doing full Classes?
Space Cell YesNoI might do this from time to timeOnly if I got paid for my time
25. If you were Teaching or Instructing, AND you were to get paid, how much would you want per session? (these might last 30min to 2-3hrs)
Space Cell Donations from attendeesNot less than $25Not less than $50Not less than $100I would want a split of the Attendance Fee
Teaching Fees
26. Now for some SPACE questions! What does TINKER end up looking like and what areas should we have? How important are the following:
Space Cell Not neededLess important to havePretty important to haveMUST have this
Heavy-Duty Woodworking Tools
Heavy-Duty Metalworking Tools
Space for messy / wet / smelly things including liquids and chemicals
Fume Hoods or Paint Booths
Co-working areas (shared space for entrepreneurs and small businesses)
Clean-space work areas (crafting, sewing/cloth, delicate detail work)
Rapid Prototyping Area (3d Printers, CNC machines, CAD workstation, scanners)
Blacksmithing / Welding / Torching
Glass Blowing or Cermaic
Composites, Resins, Foaming, Moulding & Forming area
Electronics lab area - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, circuitry, home electrical appliance repair, signal testing, etc
27. User Profiling Questions - What Skills do you have? What are you interested in learning more about? What might you be open to teaching others about? Would you be a Safety Instructor / Monitor in this area? (Select any/all that apply!)
Space Cell I can do thisI'd love to learn thisI can teach thisI can do the basic Safety Session here
Advanced Welding / Brazing
Plating or Etching
CNC Machining
Laser Cutting / Engraving
Furniture Making
House or Higher volt Electrical
Pneumatics or Hydraulics
28. Artistic endeavours! (Select any/all that apply!)
Space Cell I can do thisI'd love to learn thisI can teach thisI can do the basic Safety Session here
Sewing / Quilting
Heavy-duty sewing (sail, leather, etc)
Fiber Crafts (knitting, felting, etc)
Pottery / Ceramics
Jewelry / Smithing
Silk-screening / Dyeing
Musical Instrument fabrication or repair
Theatre or Videography
Photography (equipment, printing, darkroom)
29. Technical Skills! (Select any/all that apply!)
Space Cell I can do thisI'd love to learn thisI can teach thisI can do the basic Safety Session here
Computer Programming / Coding
Mobile / App Development
Hardware / Software Interfaces
HTML / Websites / Blogging
CAD Drafting, 3D Modeling, Scanning
Circuit Design / Hacking
Electronics / motors repair or troubleshooting
Math / Physics
30. Combined skill groups that meet specific needs for a Trade or Service (Select any/all that apply!)
Space Cell I can do thisI'd love to learn thisI can teach thisI can do the basic Safety Session here
Composites Forming, Resins, Foam milling
Auto / Marine Repair
Consumer Electronics Repair / Troubleshooting
Bicycle Repair
Small Business Services / Entrepreneurship
Social Media / Corporate Web Presence
3D Modeling and Rapid Prototyping
Micro-controllers including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc
Fabric / Paper Circuitry
Product Packaging Design / Implementation
31. THANK YOU for completing the survey to this point! We truly appreciate your feedback AND it helps us create the best possible place for you! If you do NOT want to share contact information, please feel free to skip down to the "Submit" button (but we would really appreciate your email address to get you updates!). We do promise NOT to sell or otherwise give away any personal information and we only collect this to build an interested-Maker list internally.
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