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ANNOUNCING an Innovative Manufacturing Incubator and Makerspace in Bristol, RI.

A group of business and community leaders in the East Bay is planning to create a unique Manufacturing Incubator and Makerspace called Tinker|Bristol. Located on the campus of the historic manufacturing district on Wood Street in Bristol, RI., Tinker|Bristol will provide shared space, manufacturing and rapid prototyping equipment, tools, expertise and business development services to make things and grow businesses collaboratively. Any individual, business or organization can participate no matter where you are located.

Tinker|Bristol will provide affordable access to a wide variety of equipment otherwise unavailable to a single individual or small business, including everything from traditional metal, wood-working, and electronics tools to 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines. Also available will be sewing, chemical-work, composites, and CAD stations. Dry, wet, and hooded work areas will be included.

East Bay has a rich manufacturing heritage and is a center for excellence in marine trades and advanced composites. Tinker|Bristol wants to build on this made-with-skilled hands tradition and support a new generation of makers, thinkers and tinkers; those who will start and grow businesses, those who will improve products and advance technology, and those who will learn and pass along skills.

The Tinker|Bristol team plans to create an innovative and collaborative environment that serves the entire East Bay community, which is why your feedback and participation is critical. Whether you are an entrepreneur or hobbyist, an established business or a start-up, a retiree or a teenager, this will be your home for making things. A place to meet and swap ideas. A place to tackle and solve problems. A place to create new products, launch new businesses, teach new skills and create new jobs.

Tinker|Bristol is for you. If you had affordable access to shared space, equipment, and expertise, what would you make?

We want to hear from you.
1. Have you ever heard of a Makerspace or know what one is?
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Did you know
2. Would you be interested in being able to use (or learning to use) 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, wood and metal fabrication tools, large scale sewing machines, computer modeling, electronics repair and fabrication tools, and other things for Tinkering, Repairing, and Making things?
Space Cell YesNoI would need to see it before making a decision
Would you
3. Do you have fabrication, manufacturing, or specialty tool skills that you would like to share with others (and possibly be paid to do so)?
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Do you
4. Would you be willing to pay a membership fee to access this varied equipment? (Think Gym Membership!)
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Would you
5. Would you be willing to volunteer hours doing skills training or help operating the facility in return for reduced membership cost?
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Would you
6. Would you potentially join the TINKER community for...
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Professional Development
Career Change
7. Where are you from?
Space Cell East Bay RIAquidneck Island / JamestownMetro ProvidenceFall River / Other MASouth County RIOther RI
Coming from
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