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What is your financial nature?

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Find Your Financial Nature
How do you relate to money? 

The way you value money comes from your hard-wiring.

Earn. Borrow. Waste. Create. Give. Hoard. Position. 

Money is black-and-white, but your financial patterns run deeper. They illustrate your nature, who you are at the very core,
and your nature can either empower you to live your best life or keep you trapped in mediocrity or worse. 
The following 7 questions will show you your nature, your strengths & pitfalls, and it may surprise you.
Please answer each question without overthinking it. Some may be very similar to your real life, and some may not be. In that case answer hypothetically.

This is a research-based survey, not another online personality quiz.

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1. Where do you go to save? *This question is required.