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DAIAD Interface Prototypes


Dear participant,

welcome to our survey on the visualization of water consumption information for households.

You want to know more about your water consumption? We will get that information for you!

In the context of the EU-Project DAIAD we will empower the consumer in the domain of water measurement by developing a system that measures and displays your water consumption for each fixture (e.g. shower, faucet, or dish washer).

We drafted various interface prototypes that help you to receive knowledge about your water consumption. With your smartphone, you will be able to see in real-time how much water you use when opening the water tap. Also, the smartphone app provides information about your weekly or monthly consumption patterns and you can compare yourself with your neighbors or peers.

For each possibility (immediate/real-time consumption, historical consumption and comparisons) we will present you 4-6 „paper-prototypes“ we drafted for giving a first impression on the visualization. Paper-prototypes are simple sketches about the basic functions of the user interface (what you will see on your smartphone screen). In order to improve and develop interfaces according to customer needs, we would be very happy if you could give us your opinion on our paper-prototype designs on the following pages.

Thank you very much in advance for approximately 10-15 minutes of your time!

Your answers are anonymous and will only be used in the context of our research project.

Anna Kupfer

For further questions contact me.

We are sorry, but the survey is not programmed for tablets and smartphones.