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JEA Rising Star

DEADLINE: The application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Central time/9:59 p.m. Pacific time July 15, for consideration for the JEA Rising Star award.

Because you cannot save your progress on this form, we recommend that you develop your answers to these questions in another program, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste your responses into the fields below.

1. Nominee
JEA Certified?
2. Nominee's School/Business
Student Body Grade Levels
3. Nominated By(Must be current JEA member)
4. Nominee's Hometown Newspaper
21. If applicable, please provide sample pages from print publications to show the quality of the media the teacher advises.(pdf files only; no more than five files; each file must be less than 10 MB)
22. If applicable, please provide links to school news sites and/or broadcast video/audio, to show the quality of the media the teacher advises.
23. Upload a current resume.(pdf files accepted; file must be 500K or less)
24. Please upload a letter from the nominator explaining how the nominee shows promise as an up-and-coming adviser. Up to three additional letters of recommendation from colleagues, administrators and/or students may be included.(pdf files accepted; each file must be 500K or less)
25. Please upload a high-quality color head shot as well as a candid photo of the nominee teaching/working with students.(jpg file accepted; file must be 2MB or less; at least 200 ppi resolution)