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Valley Veg Cohousing Committee

Imagine a Vegan Residential Community In Western Massachusetts!

Valley Veg has formed a committee to explore the possibilities of establishing a vegan cohousing community in the Pioneer Valley. Cohousing is a planned residential community composed of private homes on a large community-owned property with shared facilities. The community would have multi-family and clustered dwellings, including residences suitable for older vegans. It would include a common house with a dining room and kitchen, and other shared facilities such a library, guest room, exercise room, and gardens. The community would be planned, owned and managed by the residents – who can share in decision-making and social activities. Valley Veg, Inc. is a non-profit community organization which is an alliance of animal welfare, healthy eating, and environmental advocates.
1. How familiar are you with cohousing communities?
2. When might you be interested in moving to a vegan cohousing community in the Pioneer Valley?
3. What type of dwelling would you be most interested in?
4. How many bedrooms would you need? (consider that guest rooms would be available in the common house)
5. How important to you are green building features?
6. How many shared meals a week would you be likely to participate in? (community-prepared meals or potluck dinners)
7. How interested would you be in participating in a community vegetable garden?
10. What is the current dietary status of your family members?
11. In what type of home do you currently live?
12. What are the age ranges of your household members? (please check all that apply)
13. Do you have animals in your family? (please check all that apply)
17. Where do you currently live?
18. Would you like to receive notices of Valley Veg Cohousing Committee meetings?
19. Your contact information
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