OI Web User Satisfaction Survey 2015

OI Web User Satisfaction Survey 2015
Please help us to improve the Oxfam website! This short survey should take just a few minutes to complete. You can opt to make your responses anonymous. The survey will close on 13th March 2015 at 5 pm GMT. We'll pick one respondent at random to receive a $35 Good Books gift voucher by 31 March 2015. We value your feedback.
1. What was your purpose in visiting oxfam.org today?
3. Was your visit successful today?
4. If not, what was the reason?
5. How likely you are to visit the website again?
6. Would you recommend this website?
7. Did you visit oxfam.org wanting to know about our program in a particular country?
8. On your visit today or on previous visits to this site did you do any of the following? Check all that apply:
9. On your visit today which section/s of the site did you look at? Check as many as apply:
10. Do you use any of these social media networks to promote or read about Oxfam. Check as many as apply:
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