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Airworthiness Directive Compliance Questionnaire

General Background

Due to incidents of widespread flight cancellations in March and April 2008 over reported non-compliance with Airworthiness Directives (AD), the FAA chartered the Airworthiness Directive Implementation Aviation Rulemaking Committee (AD ARC). The AD ARC issued its final report outlining deliverables and implementing actions which were intended to improve:
  • Manufacturer (design approval holder) development of service instructions addressing airworthiness corrective actions,
  • FAA AD development and oversight activities, and
  • Air carrier planning, incorporation and maintenance of AD requirements.¬†
A successful AD process will provide:
  • Clear requirements
  • Consistent interpretation
  • Compliant incorporation
  • Effective Oversight
Some anticipated outcomes from adoption of the AD ARC deliverables and implementing actions by both the FAA and industry include a reduction in:
  • Ambiguous, overlapping, extraneous or erroneous AD requirements
  • AD corrections/supersedures/revisions to address ambiguities, errors and oversights
  • AMOCs to address AD/SB ambiguities, errors, corrections and oversights
  • FAA enforcement actions
  • Operator compliance clarification requests
  • AEG support needed to respond to operator compliance questions from ASIs
  • Fleet groundings due to non-compliance findings
The purpose of the questionnaire is to gather implementation information for specific ADs. The data collected will support a determination as to whether the AD ARC deliverables and implementing actions have been effective or need more work. While submitted information will not be used to address the specific instances reported, the data will be used to support AD process improvement recommendations to the FAA as appropriate. 

Complete one questionnaire for each AD on which you would like to provide feedback. Completing the required information should take no more than 10 minutes, per AD.
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