Meritus Volunteer Survey

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Meritus! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a Career Mentor and/or an informational interview host for a Meritus Scholar. Your guidance plays a critical role in supporting your Scholar to better understand his/her career options and the steps necessary to fulfill his/her professional goals.

Career Mentoring Commitment

The estimated time commitment is 2 hours per month from August 15, 2015-May 31, 2016. We encourage you to meet with your Scholar when possible in person. However, because many Scholars attend college outside of San Francisco, mentoring may also be conducted remotely, by Skype/Google Hangout or phone.

Informational Interview Commitment

The estimated time commitment is 1-1.5 hours per Scholar. The commitment includes an in-person or phone/Skype/Google Hangout informational interview (typically 30-45 minutes) and a feedback form in which you tell us about how the Scholar did in conducting themselves in a professional manner. The feedback form is used for our ongoing staff career coaching. 

Meritus uses the following questions in our Volunteer-Scholar matching process.
12. If applicable, please list what university, or universities, you attended for your graduate education.
12. If applicable, please list the concentration(s) of your graduate education.
12. Have you served as a Career Mentor before?
12. Would you like to Mentor the same student(s) this upcoming year?
12. Thinking about both your past and present job experiences, which of the following fields do you feel most comfortable talking to a Scholar about? *This question is required.
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