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MP/H 2014

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3. Did you view this session live or as a recording?
4. 1/15/14 Biopsy right ureter: Papillary transitional cell carcinoma, noninvasive 3/14/14 TURBT: Urothelial carcinoma invading subepithelial tissue of ureteric orifice How many primary tumors does the patient have?
5. Patient has history of infiltrating ductal carcinoma of right breast diagnosed in October 2009. Patient was treated with right simple mastectomy and right breast reconstruction. Margins were negative, and lymph nodes were not involved. 12/4/13 MRI: 9 mm mass abutting right breast implant 1/6/14 Right breast biopsy: Intraductal carcinoma 1/13/14 Lumpectomy right breast: Breast tissue with intraductal carcinoma; margins clear How many primaries does the patient have?
6. The updated MP/H rules and revisions are scheduled for release in what year?
7. The certificate phrase is...
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