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AU - ABC Reading Eggs Renewal - GWSS

3P Learning Australia Pty Ltd | ABN: 29 135 793 609 | | 1300 850 331

Complete this form to confirm your 2017 whole school renewal

Government Schools are eligible to receive ABC Reading Eggs at a reduced rate provided the whole school is subscribed. The RRP of ABC Reading Eggs for schools is $24.55 (incl GST) per student however subscribing your whole school will save you money. Please note payment is not due until your school's expiry, contact your Account Manager if you have any questions.

10. I would like to lock in the current low pricing for the following number of years *This question is required.
*3 year agreements are applicable to whole school subscriptions only. Schools that choose a 3 year agreement are able to lock in the current price and are exempt from any price increases during the agreement period (other than as a result of any increase to applicable tax or third party fees).