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CMSC434 Fall 2014 Final Course Assessment

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Hi 434ers,

Last year, I decided to create my own course assessment survey to complement the official university course evaluations. I found it very valuable and learned a lot from your feedback. So, I'm doing it again. :)

This additional course evaluation is completely optional; however, you will receive extra credit for filling this out (and my gratitude). 

Necessary for me to assign the extra credit.
Necessary for me to assign the extra credit.
3. Please rate the following in terms of their educational value (i.e., how much did you learn from each component) as well as their interestingness (i.e., how interesting did you find each component).

I have included both the quizzes and the midterm because I see these as learning opportunities as well.

Educational Value
1=Very Little Educational Value (i.e.,was not worth my time)
5=Very High Educational Value (i.e., was worth my time)

1=Not at all interesting
5=Very interesting *This question is required.
Space Cell Educational ValueInterestingness
The Readings
The Reading Responses
Individual Assignments
Team Assignments
The Four Quizzes
The Midterm
The Lectures
The In-Class Activities