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1. On average, how many hours per day do you spend reading Reality Tea?
2. Do you tune in for new shows based on information you read about on Reality Tea?
3. Are you inclined to check out new shows after seeing their ads on Reality Tea?
4. On average, how many reality shows do you watch per week?
5. Is Reality Tea your go-to site for reality TV news and gossip?
6. What is your favorite reality TV channel?
7. Are you following more reality TV shows this year than last year?
8. Do you read Reality Tea at home or at work or both?
9. Do you follow your favorite reality stars on social media and outside of the weekly show?
10. What social media platform do you use most often to follow your favorite reality TV stars and shows?
11. Do you participate in comments on Reality Tea?
12. Do you follow along with Reality Tea's live tweeting of reality shows?
13. Do you share reality TV news with your FaceBook friends?
14. Please tell us your age:
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