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Know Your Landmarks!

1. What was the first interior landmark in NYC?
2. There are only two living things in NYC that have been landmarked. Which of these is one of them?
3. What was the first individual landmark in NYC?
4. Which of these is NOT a designated historic district?
5. What landmarked Brooklyn building's restoration is being financed by Whole Foods, as a part of their land development deal in Gowanus?
6. What river does the landmarked High Bridge span?
7. What landmarked Manhattan building's iconic corinthian columns were cut from marble by inmates at Sing Sing?
8. What landmarked Brooklyn restaurant, closed for business in 1995, was famous for their "legendary she-crab soup"?
9. What was the final film to screen at the Brooklyn's landmarked (and newly restored) King's Theater before it closed in 1977?