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Spiceworks Network Monitor 1.2 Test Team

Want to be part of the elite SWAT test team for Spiceworks Network Monitor 1.2?

The Spiceworks Network Monitor dev crew is going to hand pick a beta test team that's willing & able to work closely with us to help make sure 1.2 is doing what IT pros need it to do. This elite team will need to be representative of our user base, so we need to ask you some questions about you and your environment (hence the survey).

We'll pick a team based on these responses & ask you to be willing to run 1.2 with production loads, as well as be available for regular video calls, phone calls, emails, and whatever else might come up that would help us best test this release. (In return, you'll be able to say you're part of the first elite beta test team at Spiceworks, helping to build the best product out there -- and get exclusive swag to prove it).

Interested? Read on.

This question requires a valid number format.
2. Will you monitor a database server?
3. Will you monitor a mail server?
4. Will you monitor a server on hardware older than 5 years?
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6. Are you currently running a Spiceworks Network Monitor?
If so, did you participate in the 1.0 beta?
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9. Can we grab your contact info? (We will not share this with anyone -- this is just so we can get in touch with you easily if we need to).