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Teaching with Understanding Rhetoric: Panel + Idea Lab at CCCC (sign-up form)

Understanding Rhetoric: Panel + Idea Lab

Have you taught with Understanding Rhetoric? Or are you thinking about using it in a future course? Great!

Hosted by Bedford/St. Martin's editors, this event at CCCC (Friday, March 20th, 9:30-10:45) will kick off with instructor panelists sharing ideas for how to integrate the book into a composition course. Then we'll move on to the "idea lab" part of the event: We'll use stickies, stickers, and wall space to share and evaluate assignment ideas.  Our goal is that you leave us with 3 or more new assignments to try out with your class. Coffee and MUFFINS served. More details & RSVP below.
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Teaching with Understanding Rhetoric
: A Panel + Idea Lab?
When:      Friday, March 30, 9:30-10:45 a.m.
Where:     Tampa Marriott Waterside, Suite # tba (we'll let you know!)
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