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2015 Fitness Survey

Hello Readers! Thanks for taking the time to read our inaugural issue! We'd like to keep future issues packed with the health and fitness information you want and we'd love to get your feedback! Take a few short minutes to answer this brief survey. We're going to randomly choose one reader from the completed surveys and they'll receive a $200 GNC Gift Card! Five others will each receive a $50 GNC Gift Card!

Thanks for reading this issue and for answering the survey!
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4. Are You:
5. Which best describes your age?
6. Are you:
7. Which best describes the total combined annual income for all working members of your household in 2014?
8. Are you a GNC Gold Card member?
9. How often do you shop at GNC stores?
10. Do you shop online at
11. If you do shop online at, how often do you?
12. On average, how much do you spend when you shop at GNC or
13. What type of products do you purchase at GNC? (check all that apply)
14. What subject matter most interests you? (check all that apply)
15. Which types of workouts/training do you prefer? (check all that apply)
16. How often do you work out/exercise?
17. Which content would you like to see in future issues? (check all that apply)