STEM Teach Scholarship Application

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More information about STEM Teach Scholarships can be found on our website.

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1. Contact Info
2. Did you complete your undergraduate degree at Cal Poly?
3. Are you applying to a Cal Poly Credential Program?
4. Which credential/authorization(s) are you pursuing?
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5. How did you hear about STEM Teach Scholarship?
Please note:
  1. Only original receipts are acceptable for reimbursement.
  2. Receipts that were received electronically can be uploaded here; paper receipts must be brought to the CESAME office. Scans or copies will not suffice.
  3. Valid receipts list your name, item(s) purchased, amount paid, and transaction date. Please review your receipts prior to uploading.
6. Please select all items for which you are seeking reimbursement at this moment.
7. Please select all that apply, if any.
8. Please upload your original electronic receipts here.
For missing receipts or receipts with incomplete info only: If you are comfortable doing so, please upload a copy of your bank statement showing only your name and the transaction information. All other items should be obscured. If you are uncomfortable uploading it here, you may bring it to the CESAME office (25-129).

It is likely your signature will be required for this reimbursement. We will email you if needed.