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Big City Census 2015/16

City Fans United Big City Census 2016
City Fans United Big City Census 2016
Thank you in advance for completing this year's Big City Census. Your feedback is vital as we seek to improve the way the Club is run. We fully appreciate that you may have completed surveys like this in the past - please be assured that your answers are treated seriously and any ideas that you have will be carefully considered. Also, if you indicate that you are willing to assist in any way your offer will be followed up swiftly and is greatly appreciated. Finally, please complete the contact details below in full as we want to make sure our database is as accurate and up to date as possible. We have set the deadline as 5pm on Thursday 28th August. The Census results will be fed back at the CFU AGM and published on the Club's website.
Section A - about you
To complete this survey you need to be a current CFU member.  If you have let your membership lapse you can rejoin now so that you can complete the survey; this membership will last to May 2016 or June 2016 (see Quesiton 27) You can rejoin or renew by clicking on the link below.
This question requires a valid email address.
Telephone numbers (please ensure we have the most up to date contacts - these will never be passed to third parties without your express permission)