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Master Journalism Educator (MJE) Application

Because you cannot save your progress on this form, we recommend that you develop your answers to the essay questions in another program, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste your responses into the fields below.
1. Are you renewing your existing MJE status? *This question is required.
2. Applicant Information
Master Certification ExamPlease identify at which event you plan to take the certification exam. For management purposes, the Certification Committee has the final decision of whether an exam will be offered at non-JEA events.
3. School Information
If you would like JEA headquarters to prepare a certificate that you may award to the person who has been your instructional leader, guide or mentor, please include the person's name below.
Local MediaJEA will mail press releases to the media outlet you designate.
Attach a current resume that shows that you have taught/advised journalism more than five years.PDF file only; 1MB or less
Upload a detailed letter of endorsement on official school letterhead from your principal or supervisor based on direct observation of journalism teaching or advising. The letter should include
  • What the candidate regularly does to support journalistic teaching and learning.
  • Evidence of the teacher's expertise as a scholastic journalism educator.
  • Anything else you feel is relevant.
PDF file only; 1MB or less
Areas of Expertise *This question is required.Master Journalism Educators are often asked to serve as speakers and judges for scholastic journalism events. If you are willing to serve in the capacity, please check all of your areas of expertise.
Professional Growth Activities
List the five professional growth activities completed in the past five years that have contributed most significantly to your continuing growth as a journalism educator, or if retired, to the support of journalism education. Choose two from Group I and two from Group II. The fifth may be from either Group I or Group II. Be sure to explain how each activity has had an impact on your teaching effectiveness.

Choose Among:

Group I
A. Holding elective or appointive offices in national, regional or state professional journalism education organizations.
B. Serving on major committees of national, regional or state professional journalism education associations.
C. Working on committees with responsibility for journalism curriculum, instruction, evaluation or in-service education at the district, state or national level.
D. Publishing an article or articles in a scholastic journalism publication, e.g., Communication: Journalism Education Today.

Group II
E. Participating in meetings of national, regional or state professional journalism education associations.
F. Completing journalism courses or workshops at college or universities.
G. Participating in workshops or in-service activities sponsored by JEA or other professional journalism education associations.
H. Participating in other activities that have contributed significantly to your continuing professional growth.

4. Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 4
Activity 5
MJE Project Proposal
Integrity StatementThe Journalism Education Association must be confident that each Master Journalism Educator candidate's work has been responsibly and honorably acquired, developed and presented. We regard dishonesty — plagiarism, cheating and/or fabrication — as an extremely serious matter, with serious consequences that may range from denying a candidate certification to re-doing all or part of the project. When unsure about plagiarism, paraphrasing, quoting, or collaboration, consult a professional colleague, periodical or the chairperson of the JEA Certification Committee for guidance.

I pledge:
  • All work is my own. I have not received unauthorized assistance;
  • All sources have been appropriately acknowledged; and
  • I have not plagiarized, cheated, fabricated or lied about anything in my project or in my MJE application.
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