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CAN-NMD Virtual Platform Needs Assessment Questionnaire


The Canadian Neuromuscular Diseases Network (CAN-NMD) consists of a broad network of academic and community practice clinical care providers[1], clinical and basic scientists, industry partners and patient organizations working together to improve the lives of those affected by neuromuscular diseases.  The Network is supported by a three-year Network Catalyst Grant by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis with co-funding from Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC). The Network aims to create world-class neuromuscular disease care and outcomes through enhanced clinical care, increased research capacity and improved educational opportunities. Specifically, the CAN-NMD aims to promote high quality medical care, education and research for individuals affected by neuromuscular conditions and their caregivers.  

With these goals in mind, the CAN-NMD aims to develop and design a Web 2.0 knowledge translation platform for CAN-NMD members. The CAN-NMD has adopted the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR)’s definition of knowledge translation (KT) as “a dynamic and iterative process that includes synthesis, dissemination, exchange and ethically-sound application of knowledge to improve the health of Canadians, provide more effective health services and products, and strengthen the health care system.  This process takes place within a complex system of interactions between researchers and knowledge users which may vary in intensity, complexity and level of engagement depending on the nature of the research and the findings as well as the needs of the particular knowledge user.”  Similar to KT, other terms used to describe this process of moving knowledge into action include knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange, research utilization, dissemination, diffusion, and implementation.

This survey is intended to help the network to understand the knowledge translation needs of our stakeholders.  We would greatly appreciate if you could share your thoughts on this topic with us.  

The estimated time for your completion of this survey is 15 minutes. Your thoughtful responses to the 54 questions contained in this survey are highly regarded, as they will directly influence the development and design of this CAN-NMD virtual knowledge translation platform and other knowledge translation strategies.

[1] Throughout this questionnaire, the term clinical care provider is used to describe all health professionals and allied health practitioners working in a neuromuscular clinic who provide clinical care to neuromuscular disease patients (e.g. nurses, neurologists, respiratory therapists, respirologists, physiotherapists ect.).

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