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2015 Q3 Teams Fellowship Application - Online Promotion FR


Etsy Teams Fellowship Application 

Online Promotion Fellowship: Developing a Social Media Campaign for Your Team

Welcome to the Etsy Teams Fellowship application. Apply to take part in the program, which runs from July 6th through September 30th.

This Fellowship will focus on creating an Instagram campaign to show the world your Team and build a community of followers. You’ll learn tips about developing social media for your Team, and how to run a campaign that highlights your members and their items. 

As a fellow you will get materials to help you strengthen your team and increase your leadership expertise. By the end of this Fellowship, you’ll have set up an account on Instagram, and selected one or two leaders within your team to take on social media promotion for the next few months.

This Fellowship is particularly well-suited for captains who are new or are looking to build awareness of their Teams. There will be weekly activities, including:

  • discussions and advice via the program’s exclusive Fellowship Team
  • conference calls with other fellows and Etsy admin
  • hands-on advice about your social media campaign

Teams are a powerful feature here at Etsy. One we strongly believe makes our community a better place to be by encouraging connection with other members for any number of reasons including networking, education and fellowship. We hope the Fellowship will help you get the word out about your Team, and also grow as a leader for your community. We’re glad you’re applying!

Completing this application should take about 15 minutes. We will begin reaching out to applicants with results and next steps on July 1, 2015.

Not on an Etsy team? Learn more about Etsy Teams.