2016-17 VSA Florida Young Soloist Application - Ensemble

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2016-2017 Application for Florida Young Soloist for Ensembles
Please be sure that you have an mp3 or mp4 recording prepared to attach to this application.  If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Finklea at 813.974.0715 or wfinklea@usf.edu.
5. Primary contact address:
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10. What type of performance will we be adjudicating?
11. Names of other ensemble members and their disability, if applicable.  The disability is for eligibility purposes only.
13. Recording Submission - You must submit an mp3 or mp4 with this application.  Please see the enlosed application guidelines for further instructions.  Indicate below what you are providing.
14. Recordings must include three selections.  We recommend recording your best piece first. Please list the recorded selections below in order of the recording.  Please list the name and length of each piece.
15. Please upload Selection #1 here.
16. Please upload Selection #2 here.
17. Please upload Selection #3 here.