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Railroad Delays Public Input Survey

Study Goals and Area
The study will examine train and traffic operations and impacts at the Mulberry Street, Lemay Avenue and Prospect Road railroad crossings along the Riverside Corridor and consider the announced restored Greeley Connection between Union Pacific and Great Western (learn more). The study will:

  • provide near-term understanding of railroad operations that impact street traffic along the Riverside Corridor
  • identify near-term actions the railroads could take, if any, to improve the situation
  • summarize traffic impacts at the railroad crossings and at nearby intersections to dimension the problem
  • identify the location for variable message boards or advanced warning systems that can inform motorists of railroad activity
  • identify conceptual rail and street infrastructure changes that may be considered in the future as warranted by need and funding
  • develop order of magnitude cost information for potential new grade-separations or railroad infrastructure
Railroad Map
Railroad Map
1. Have you experienced train-caused delays at the railroad crossings at Mulberry, Lemay or Prospect along Riverside Avenue?
2. Which crossing(s) typically are of your greatest concern?
3. What is the greatest train-caused delay that you have experienced at any of these crossings?
4. Have train-caused delays caused you to miss appointments, be late for work and perhaps be docked pay or otherwise significantly impacted your plans?
6. In your opinion, are major delays occurring (choose one)...
The study will investigate the use of Variable Message Boards which potentially could be placed along major streets well in advance of the railroad crossings so motorists can learn of train activity and consider other options.
7. Do you see value in having advanced messages so that you can possibly alter your travel route?
8. For which crossing do you think Variable Message Boards would provide the most benefit?