CAPIC Doctoral Academic Program Figures

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This is an internal survey to CAPIC Doctoral Academic Programs regarding their estimated student figures for the next three years.  

Thanks in advance for your participation!

CAPIC needs data in order to properly plan.  Besides, looking backwards at trends, CAPIC needs data to look forward.

We were expecting some declines in student participation, but during the most recently completed CAPIC online match cycle, we saw a nearly 45% decrease in student matches from the previous year.  Consequently, we had over 200 unfilled CAPIC internship positions and over 30 CAPIC internships without any matches.  

We also understand that the majority of our Doctoral Academic Programs are APA-accredited and more often than not are under great pressure to have their students match with APA-accredited internships. This often results in academic programs requiring eligible students to enter into the APPIC match, and not the CAPIC match. 

We have also seen a decrease number of participating students -- at both our APA-accredited and our regionally accredited academic programs. 

Besides data from the past, we need estimates from you, our doctoral academic programs, on your expected future student numbers.  Hence this survey.
  • Student Figures: 
    • # of students enrolled
    • # of students internship-ready
    • # of students expected to seek CAPIC internships (expected participants, not expected matches)
  • Your understanding of the key factors/reasons behind the change in these numbers.

This online poll is being extended and will now remain open until 11 pm on August 6, 2015.  If needed we will follow-up with individual programs to ensure we have a complete a picture as possible.  Estimates are fine.  We also understand that this info is sensitive, but it is needed for us to plan.  The aggregated results will then be reviewed by the CAPIC Board, which will then use this information in its ongoing planning.  

And thanks to everyone who responded to our earlier inquiries in May on the number of students still seeking internships for 2015.  Those figures helped our internships plan how to participate in Clearinghouse to Post-Clearinghouse.

Again, thanks for your participation!

As before, to help ensure open and full participation, identifying information will removed and results aggregated before they are used.  All participants will also receive an email confirming receipt of their poll along with a PDF record of their poll responses.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the CAPIC office.  Many thanks for your participation! 

René Puliatti,
Executive Director, CAPIC