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Evidence case study


The Alliance for Useful Evidence champions the use of evidence in social policy and practice.  We are an open-access network of more than 2,000 individuals from across government, universities, charities, business and local authorities in the UK and internationally.  This autumn, we will be publishing a free handbook on using research evidence, designed with policy makers and practitioners in mind.  We want to gather specific examples of when and why organisations (particularly charities) have used research evidence, and what the impact was for them. The best case studies will be included in the published guide.  (NB, we're just interested in when you've used external, pre-existing research rather than internally conducted evaluations or your own data.)

The case study questions should take about 15 minutes to complete, depending on how much detail you'd like to give.

We will not share or publish any case studies without your explicit consent. 

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