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Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Project/Thesis Assessment Rubric & Defense Certification Form

Dear PSR DMin Advisor,

This rubric should be filled in by you as the student's advisor and committee chair at the conclusion of the student's DMin Project/Thesis Defense with their DMin Committee. You should submit this form no later than April 15th in order to confirm your student's graduation in May.

A completed copy of this form goes to the advisor, the student, the DMin Director, and the Dean's Office.

For further questions about this form, please contact the DMin Director.
1. Student, Advisor and Course Information
3. DMin Project/Thesis Assessment Rubric *This question is required.
Space Cell N/ANot Mastered Thesis Defense (Failed for this Reason)Significant Development Needed for Mastery (Returned for Major Revisions)Some Development Needed for Mastery (Returned for Minor Revisions)Mastered with Excellence (No Revisions Needed on this Point)
Able to Practice Critical Engagement with Text & Traditions
Used Contextual Analysis to Advance Understanding of Nature & Purpose of Ministry
Worked in Partnership with People in Other Ministry Settings
Developed Greater Skill Communicating His/Her/Their Faith
Developed Leadership Styles for Effective Social Change
Created New Knowledge About Practice of Ministry
Communicated New Knowledge Clearly in Writing & in Other Appropriate Media
Integrated New Understanding & Competencies into a Theologically Coherent Analysis of a Specific Ministry Issue
Gave Evidence of Deeper, more Self-Reflective & Engaged Spirituality
4. DMin Project Defense Certification
The decision from this DMin Defense Committee for this student's project/thesis defense is as follows: *This question is required.