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Canada's Charity Checkout Champions 2015

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Did your organization conduct one or more 2014 campaigns that generated over $500,000 in cash donations by asking consumers to make a donation at checkout (in person or online)? 

If so, this survey will open a door for you to be included in an exclusive Companies & Causes Canada report called Canada's Charity Checkout Champions. Specifically, we're looking at one type of campaign:

Consumer Donation Campaigns: Programs that ask consumers to make a donation (e.g. donation at check-out, register round-up, paper icon, coin canister or discount card purchase).

Please fill out a separate version of this survey for each qualifying program (want to see the questions we're asking in advance? You'll find them here). This survey is appropriate for both nonprofits and companies to fill out. 

Note: This survey only tracks Canadian campaigns and donations. For international programs, please fill in the survey using Canadian figures only.
6. Was this the first year of the program? *This question is required.
This question requires a valid currency format.