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Simple Sabotage Survey

How much are Simple Sabotage behaviors hurting your own organization?
Find out now!

The goal of this brief anonymous survey is to identify the extent to which you or your organization may be vulnerable to the negative effects of Simple Sabotage behaviors, even if they are not undertaken with malicious intent. There are no “right” answers here. The purpose of the survey is twofold:
  1. To evaluate how much of an effect these Simple Sabotage behaviors might be having on your organization
  2. To help you detect particular areas of vulnerability, so that you can target your efforts to eliminate sabotage and prevent it from damaging your organization moving forward 
1. In your organization, to what extent do the following sabotage techniques occur? *This question is required.
Space Cell 1 (Never)2 (Rarely)3 (Occasionally)4 (Frequently)5 (Constantly)
a. Decisions are forced to go through "appropriate channels" even when they should be expedited.
b. Insufficient attention is paid to managing time and participation in meetings.
c. Questions or issues are too frequently referred to committees or groups for resolution.
d. People raise irrelevant issues in the decision-making process.
e. People spend more time haggling over precise wording of messages or communications than they should.
f. Once decisions are made, they often get reopened for discussion.
g. "Avoiding risk" is often an excuse for inaction.
h. When certain people are unhappy with the potential outcome, they challenge the propriety of the decision-making process or try to involve others in the process.
i. Too many people are copied on too many emails.
j. Accountability for decision-making or implementation is often unclear.
k. The same small group of individuals is asked to work on too many task forces, work groups, teams, or committees.
2. Overall, how often do the sabotage techniques described in Question 1 adversely affect your organization’s performance?  *This question is required.
1 - Never2 - Rarely3 - Occasionally4 - Frequently5 - Constantly
3. Overall, how much of an impact do the sabotage techniques described in Question 1 have on your organization’s performance? *This question is required.
1 - Non-existent2 - Modest3 - Noticeable4 - Substantial5 - Destabilizing
4. In thinking about the list of sabotage techniques described in Question 1, what are the two that occur most frequently in your organization? *This question is required.
The following demographic questions are purely for statistical tabulation purposes. 
6. What is your position level?
7. In which sector is your organization?