Winter 2016 Temporary Application

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TEMPORARY SPACE APPLICATION: The Pavilions & Discoveries
Las Vegas Market
The Pavilions & Discoveries Staggered Show Hours
Sunday, January 24, 9-7pm

Monday & Tuesday, January 25-26, 9-6pm
Wednesday, January 27th, 9-2pm

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at Las Vegas Market. Please complete the application below. We look forward to working with you!
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Standard booth size: 10x10, 100 sq. ft. - (3x3 meters)

Standard price $26.00 per sq. ft.               Corner Fee: $200.00
*Limited smaller booth sizes are available upon request. 
Please contact your leasing agent for juried section rates. 

Special requests
Please identify if your products are:
Please upload up to 4 product images here, including a booth photo, or email them to ; this information is very important to help us understand your product line and assess appropriate placement.
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Will this be your first wholesale market?
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*juried selection