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Admin Changes Form

What is needed

PLEASE NOTE:  An Admin User can make this change from within your SurveyGizmo account and would not need to fill this out. This form is ONLY for accounts with a single Admin User, who is unable to complete the admin change directly. If your account has multiple admins, you will need to contact one of those admins and ask for the change to be made.
In order to make a change to the Admin on your account, we will need the following items:

1. The Account ID and name of the organization

2. The name and email address of the current account admin.

3. The name and email address (must be your company email address) of the individual requesting to be the new admin.

4. The name and email address of a Director from the company who can provide a signature for this change.

5. An upload of the request on your company letterhead. This needs to include an explanation as to why this change is necessary and a signature from the director listed above. 

6. Our billing department may reach out to you requesting that you verify the last 4 digits of the card on file.