Supervisor ITNA

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Welcome to the ITNA for Supervisors!


This Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA) is designed to help you and your supervisor identify your highest priority training needs FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS. You are expected to COMPLETE THIS IN COLLABORATION WITH YOUR OWN SUPERVISOR and will be required to verify this before submitting your results.

The ITNA has four main parts:

  1. Select the broad topic areas important to your job and in which you need considerable development. WE RECOMMEND SELECTING A TOTAL OF THREE TOPICS.
  2. For each topic chosen, select the narrower skill sets important to your job and in which you need considerable development. WE RECOMMEND SELECTING NO MORE THAN 6 SKILL SETS TOTAL.
  3. Rate each competency within your selected skill sets as needing either No/Low or Medium/High development.
  4. Review your list of medium/high development competencies and select only those that need to be addressed within the next two years.  WE RECOMMEND SELECTING 10-20 COMPETENCIES. These will become objectives in your E-Track Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Your ITNA results will be emailed to you, your supervisor, and your RTC.  Your RTC will create an IDP for you in E-Track, adding an objective for each competency selected in step four above.  You and your supervisor will then receive an email from your RTC when your IDP is ready for you both to review and work with in E-Track.

If you would like a printed copy of these instructions, please click here to download a copy in Adobe PDF format.

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