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TechFuture Women's Network registration

Thank you for visiting our TechFuture Women's Network registration page. Joining the TechFuture Women's Network is free.

Whether you want to sign up to mentor young people in schools or colleges, or if you just want to receive information about all the programmes associated with the TechFuture Women's Network, then please provide us with your details.

When you sign-up here for the TechFuture Women's Network, you will automatically also be signed up to the Apps for Good Expert community. 

By entering your details, you agree to being contacted by the Tech Partnership, Apps for Good and CapGemini, in relation to the the TechFuture Women's programme. You can unsubscribe at any time.
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2. Ways to contact you
4. Please fill in all details. Please note a Skype username is required for all Apps for Good expert. *This question is required.
3. Areas of expertise
5. At Apps for Good, we require all our Experts to pick as many areas of expertise as they feel confident with. These correspond to the five modules of the course-content. Teachers are then able to request an Expert session in a specific area of Expertise and will then be matched with an appropriate Expert. 

Please select as many of the following that you would feel confident in providing expert advice in.  *This question is required.
4. Access to the Apps for Good Expert community
6. As a member of the TechFuture Women's Network, you will get access to the Apps for Good Expert online community. Please create a username below - not including any spaces. In the next 10 days, Apps for Good will be in touch with further information on how to access the Community. *This question is required.