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Fall 2015 Survey- All About Events!

Survey Time Fall 2015!

Hiya, lovers of manga and anime! We've been thinking about all the great times we've been having with you out at conventions this year. One of the things fans love to do is attend live events and we love meeting you there. With that in mind, we are curious about what YOU like to see at shows, panels, booth activities and more for the coming year! 

There are no right or wrong answers, so please feel free to speak from the heart. Your feedback will help shape exciting things to come. 

This should only take a few minutes, so let's get started! 

1. Do you attend anime, manga, comic or general pop-culture conventions? Please select which most applies to you.  *This question is required.
2. If you answered yes, what are your favorite things to do at conventions? Please select up to five favorite things.  *This question is required.
2. What do you most look forward to at Industry related panels at conventions? Please select up to five things that most appeal to you.  *This question is required.
2. Of the above options, if you could only pick one favorite thing to hear about, what would it be? Please select one.  *This question is required.
2. Which of these things have you purchased over the last year? Please select all that apply.  *This question is required.
3. Which of these statements most applies to you?  *This question is required.
4. What is your age?  *This question is required.
5. What is your gender? *This question is required.
6. Where do you live?  *This question is required.
7. Would you like to be a part of the VIZMedia mailing list? We promise to only send you awesome anime and manga related information, never share your information and never spam you.  *This question is required.