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EOI - 2018 Medication Program

EOI - HLTENN007 Medication Program

Please record your contact details. 
Please ensure you use your legal name and current email address as this is what will be used in the official communication and documentation.
1. Your Details.   Please use your legal name and current email address, as this is what will be used in corresponding with you. 
This question requires a valid number format.
This question requires a valid email address.
2. Are you an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Australian Resident? *This question is required.
3. Please upload your Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) - Visa Detail Check

Please note that ANMEC are not a registered CRICOS provider and cannot deliver training to international students *This question is required.
3. Are you currently registered with AHPRA as an Enrolled Nurse?
5. Are you currently a member of any Australian based Nurses union such as ANMFSA, Queensland Nurses Union etc  *This question is required.
8. Please select from the following options, the one that best suits your current situation.
Your selection here will help us determine how to support your learning. *This question is required.
14. Do you currently administer medications? *This question is required.
Space Cell YesNoNot administered in my workplace
Oral tablets/capsules/liquids
Injectable Subcutaneous
Injectable Intramuscular
Intravenous IV Fluids
Intravenous Antibiotics
Blood products/RBC's/FFP/Plasma
15. I am aware that to successfully complete this course I will be required to attend a 1 or 2 day workshop at ANMEC's location, 191 Torrens Road, Ridleyton, SA 5008
16. Do you have workplace support to complete the Medication Program? Will your manager or supervisor sign documents to confirm your current competency?
17. Please enter the name and position of your manager or supervisor
18. As this course is delivered through an online learning platform, do you have information technology competence that would allow you to complete this program?  Eg. Access to and the ability to use a computer and scanner, the ability to access a Moodle platform when provided with instructions, the ability to upload or attach documents etc.