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911 EMS Service "Change 8" Survey

Recently the Office of EMS was made aware the increase cost to meet the recent July 1, 2015 “Change 8” in Triple K ambulance manufacturing requirement might be causing problems for those who had budget approvals for fiscal year 2015-16 to purchase new units.  We are attempting to see if we can gather enough data to allow us to ask for an emergency rule to allow for this fiscal year the purchase without “Change 8”.  Please answer the following questions and provide the supporting document requested no later than October 2nd, 2015.  We need responses from Primary 911 services only at this time.
5. Do you have approval for a new unit in your budget for Fiscal year 2015-16? *This question is required.
6. Did you budget for the NIOSH approved safety restraint systems?
7. If you did not budget for the system have you been able to secure the additional funding to purchase the unit with the NIOSH approved safety restraint system?
8. If you have not been able to secure the funds will not purchasing the new ambulance cause you to not have the required ambulances needed to serve your service area?
9. And /Or
If you are not able to purchase the new ambulance will you have continue to use an older, less reliable ambulance in service?
If you have answered yes to 8 or 9, Please provide a signed statement from your Mayor or County Executive that this requirement is causing a financial burden and risk to the citizens of your service area.  Please send statement to 

Departmetn of Health

Office of EMS

Attention: Donna G Tidwell, Director

665 Mainstream Drive

Nashville, TN  37243