Common Ground Proactive Partnership "PP Tool"

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The Proactive Partnership Tool

Will your business partnership be a stunning success, or end in mythic calamity?  Find out.

Whether you are considering a partnership, or you are in one already, it's important to manage the risks. Partnerships can be more fun, and bring synergies that often make them more successful than solo ventures. But many fall apart, some messily, while others struggle on like bickering couples.  Your path depends not just on luck. It takes a bit of work and prevention.  With this tool, I provide your fastest, cheapest path to a tailored Partnership Agreement.  
The first part takes about 3 minutes, the full online process is about 45 minutes.

About The Creator
I am Daryl Landau, President of Common Ground.  I created the CG Proactive Partnership tool after mediating some partnership disputes, and after being involved in some of my own.  A partnership breakup, following a succession crisis upon the death of my father, led to competition with the prior partners and time-consuming negotiations over intellectual property.  Another dispute involved a shared investment.  In both cases, there was no partnership or shareholder agreement to spell out how matters should be handled.  Yet where we had chosen our partners, we at least had some basic assurance of fair dealing.
Yet I have had enough good experiences to believe in the potential of business collaborations.  Inspired by the prevention messages of other experts, I felt that for busy entrepreneurs I had to move the conversation to the online world.  I come from a family business of mediators, have a Masters degree in Conflict
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