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Downtown Lafayette Mixed Use Income and Expense Survey


Welcome to the Tippecanoe County Assessor's Office Downtown Lafayette Mixed Use Income and Expense Survey!  We are asking property owners of downtown mixed use buildings to complete this survey in order to help us create the most fair and equitable property assessments.  

For the sake of this survey, "Downtown Lafayette" is defined as the area between Brown Street to the north and Alabama Street to the south, and between the Wabash River to the west and 12th Street to the east.

Mass appraisal property valuation requires that we acquire information from multiple sources regarding the various factors that may affect a property’s valuation. The data derived from those factors is then applied equitably across similar property types to ensure a fair and balanced approach to assessed valuation for taxing purposes.  Our office believes that working in a collaborative effort with local experts to source data on our market will ensure transparent and equitable assessed values for commercial/industrial properties.

To that end, the Assessor's Office requests that your most recent Profit and Loss/Operating Statement be uploaded during this survey.  Any other additional information you can provide, such as rent rolls, IRS Schedule E, Form 8825, Form 1065, or other operating statements will greatly facilitate the development of equalized and accurate assessments for this property type. 

Any information provided in this survey will be confidential, with only the analysis based on the averages of the aggregate data to be made available for public consumption. Data collected from this survey will be used only to develop income modeling for assessment purposes.