Ulster University Santander SME Internship- Employer Interest Form 2016/17

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***Please be advised that spaces are now limited on our Santander SME programme. You may submit your interest but this does not guarantee you a space on the programme as funding opportunities are limited at this time of year***

Ulster University are inviting interested employers to submit proposals to recruit an Ulster University student/graduate through the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme.
Santander Universities Internship Programme 2016/17
A funding allocation has been awarded to Ulster University by Santander Universities to create 1-10 week internships for Ulster students/graduates. Internships can be full time or part time and are part funded by Santander.

Placements up to 2 weeks can be fully funded at a rate of £300 per week.

Placements between 3-10 weeks will be funded by Santander at a rate of £150 per week to a maximum of £1,500 per placement, this will then need to be match funded by the SME or another source to a minimum of £150 per week providing a wage of £300 per week to the student/graduate. For clarity these positions are NOT fully funded by Santander.

All placements are based on a standard 35 hour week.

Part-time roles are acceptable on a pro-rata basis of £150 per week.

Eligibility- Students and Graduates
All current Ulster students and graduates (within the last 2 years).
Eligibility- Employers
Small and medium sized organisations. Employers must have 1-250 employees and an annual turnover of less than £50 million.  Employers must be in a position to make a 50% contribution to the intern's bursary payments. For example for a 10 week internship your contribution would be £1500 whilst the intern receives £3000 over the 10 weeks.

Eligibility- The role
This programme is open to students and graduates. The University and employer will discuss and identify which student group/subject area/year group is most suitable. The role needs to be suitable and appropriately challenging and developmental for the target group.
Management of payment/contributions
Ulster University will manage bursary payments to the appointed graduate. Once you have appointed your intern and confirmed the start date we will process an invoice for the employer contribution.
1. Please confirm that your organisation is an SME (250 or less employees and annual turnover of less than £50 million) or an organisation with Charitable status that falls within employee/income restrictions of SMEs. *This question is required.
5. Address *This question is required.
18. Ideally, when would you like this role to commence and for how many weeks (between 1 - 10). Also, please specify if your preference is to be Part Time, Full Time or both and if you have a preference on whether this role is made available to students, graduates or both. *This question is required.
Terms & Conditions
If successful in becoming a recruiting employer Internship providers agrees to the following:
1. To co-operate with Ulster University in a fair recruitment process to select a successful graduate.
2. To register as an employer on the Santander Universities portal when advised.
2. That the successful student/graduate will commence their internship on an agreed date and you will inform the University of this date.
3. To pay Ulster University the agreed contribution based on the internship length of £150 per week (3 to 10 weeks)
To guarantee up to weeks of well defined, meaningful work aimed at an appropriate level.
To ensure that an appropriately experience mentor is provided for the intern for the duration of the internship and that they provide sufficient instruction to the intern to maximise effectiveness during their internship, monitor their performance and undertake regular progress meetings.
6. To provide a workplace induction during the first week of the internship outlining hours of attendance; support arrangements; Health and Safety regulations; sickness and absence procedures; disciplinary and grievance procedures and holiday entitlement.
7. To permit interns to avail of the same holiday leave as a normal paid employee.
8. To provide such resources as are required to assist the graduate in delivering the internship's objectives.
9. To permit Ulster University/Santander staff to visit the intern at any stage throughout the duration of the internship.
10. To provide a safe working environment and to comply with all Health and Safety regulations and to report to the University team any accidents or ill health arising from work, involving the intern.
11. To not commit any act of discrimination rendered unlawful by the Sex Discrimination (Northern Ireland) Orders 1976 and 1989 or the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 or the Race Relations (NI) Order 1997 or any enactments amending, extending or replacing the same.
12. To maintain confidentiality in relation to the graduate's personal information as required by the Data Protection Act 1998.
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