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Money in Politics Consensus Response Form

Welcome to the Money in Politics Consensus Form!

Consensus is the process the League uses to reach member agreement on study issues. It is neither a simple majority nor unanimity; instead, it is an overall sense of the group. In other words, consensus results from answers to questions on which members can find common ground and agreement.

The consensus deadline is February 1, 2016. Each League is entitled to one response.

Before getting started, make sure you have the following:

1) Your League's responses recorded and the comments pre-typed and ready to be cut and pasted into this form.

While you can type directly into the form, you will run the risk of timing out of the system if you spend too long on a single page.

2) Your League's ID (a five digit code consisting of your two letter state and 3 additional numbers) *Your League ID is NOT your 7-digit account ID or password used with the previous roster system.

If you don't know this number, you can find it listed on your League's page on the Find A Local League page of the LWVUS website.

This form is NOT for individual members to share their views. Please do not try to use this form to test the system. Each League ID can ONLY be used once.
Are you ready to continue? Do you have your League ID and answers/comments ready to enter?