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ABC Company Retirement Plan Notification and Assessment

Welcome to the ABC Company Retirement Plan!

If you have not already heard from PlanVision, our retirement plan adviser, you will soon. Their role is to help you understand the plan and complete your enrollment. They will discuss with you how you would like to complete the process. If you prefer, you can wait until you hear from them before reviewing the information or starting the process.

You can receive education, planning, and support from PlanVision.  This important service can help you better understand the plan, your investments, and how you can become better prepared for your financial future!  

ABC Company will contribute an amount equivalent to 3% of your salary.  You do not need to make any contributions to receive the employer money.  However, you can make your own pre-tax or after-tax Roth contributions and can start immediately.  Once you sign up for your own contributions, you can change the amount if you need to in the future.  If you do not want to make your own contributions now, you do not have to and will indicate that in the survey.  You can always start later at any time.

Preparing for your financial future is an important goal.  We are pleased to help you save and plan for it!