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Wilderness and Civilization Application for Admission 2020-2021

students on edge of cliff in glacier
      Wilderness and Civ students conduct pika survey data in Glacier National Park in 2014.

Your first step towards a life-changing educational experience has just begun!
Thank you for taking the time to apply to the Wilderness and Civilization Program. Once you finish your application, you will receive a confirmation email and will hear back from the Wilderness Institute within ten business days.

Admission process and Requirements

Fall 2019 Applications are closed.  The Wilderness and Civilization Program accepts applications on a rolling basis for the 2020-2021 cohort of 25 students. 

The program admits sophomores, juniors, and seniors with an average GPA of 3.0 or greater.  Students who are admitted to the program will need to maintain their 3.0 GPA in order to retain their status as accepted into the program. Participation in the program is limited to 25 students. Students can be from the University of Montana, National Student Exchange, International Exchange students, or transfer students from other institutions with 20 credits or more. Out-of-state students who are participating through the National Student Exchange Program (NSE) or apply directly to the University of Montana. 
1. on peak in wilderness
       2013 Wilderness and Civ students summit a peak in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness

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2. tracking footprints
     Master tracker Casey McFarland teaches Wilderness and Civ students the art of tracking next to the Bitteroot River in the fall of 2014.

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3. students teaching in field
      2014 Wilderness and Civ students talk about the route ahead on their fall trek in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

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4. student group at homestead
      Wilderness and Civilization Program class of 2000 enjoy a field trip to the Randolf-Moon Homestead.
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5. students learn in field from jim stone
    Students enjoy the classroom of the shores of the Blackfoot River with a local rancher.

Essay Questions

There are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers. Writing ability, quality of thought, and clarity of idea are important as these essays will be used as a major criterion for acceptance to the program. Answer the following questions in essay format (200-300 words each).
You have 2 options for answering the following questions (1) fill out the fillable form below or (2) answer in a word doc and upload the file for us to review. 

10. mission mountains with barn
       Sunset on the Mission Mountains, the Nation's only Tribal Wilderness. In 1976 the  Wilderness and Civilization program students 
        inventoried the rugged mountains that would become the designated Wilderness area.

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