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Web Class Registration

Implementing OAE Hearing Screening and Follow-up with Young Children

Web Class Registration

Four Live Sessions (must attend all four)

Dates: April 22, 25, 29, and May 2
Time:  2 pm eastern,  1 pm central, 12 mountain, 11 pacific

Duration:  60 minutes (per session)

Practice Exercises and Surveys: After each live Web Session, participants will complete a hands-on practice exercise (requiring approximately 30 minutes) and submit a brief survey documenting their activities.  Note that you must have access to at least 4 adults on whom you will conduct practice screenings within a day or two of attending Session #2.  You must also have access to at least 5 young children to screen within a day or two of attending Session #3.

Certificates of Participation:  After completing each practice exercise survey report, participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Prior to completing this registration, be sure you have carefully reviewed the document entitled Web Class Overview to make sure you are ready to participate in this class.  Your contact information will be shared with ECHO partners in your state who may be able to provide future technical assistance.